Hero of Alexandria

(c. ad 62) Greek mathematician and inventor
Hero produced several written works on geometry, giving formulae for the areas and volumes of polygons and conics. His formula for the area of a triangle was contained in Metrica(Measurement), a work that was lost until 1896. This book also describes a method for finding the square root of a number, a method now used in computers, but known to the Babylonians in 2000 bc. In another of Hero's books, Pneumatica (Pneumatics), he wrote on siphons, a coin-operated machine, and the aeolipile – a prototype steam-powered engine that he had built. The engine consisted of a globe with two nozzles positioned so that steam jets from the inside made it turn on its axis. Hero also wrote on land-surveying and he designed war engines based on the ideas of Ctesibius. Yet another of his works, Mechanica (Mechanics), was quoted by Pappus of Alexandria.

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