Cerenkov , Pavel Alekseyevich

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  • Cherenkov, Pavel Alekseyevich — Cerenkov , Pavel Alekseyevich …   Scientists

  • Cherenkov , Pavel Alekseyevich — Cherenkov (or Cerenkov ), Pavel Alekseyevich (1904–1990) Soviet physicist Cherenkov came from a peasant family in Voronezh, Russia, and was educated at the university there, graduating in 1928. From 1930 he was a member of the Lebedev Institute… …   Scientists

  • Cherenkov, Pavel Alekseyevich — ▪ Soviet physicist Cherenkov also spelled  Čerenkov   born July 15 [July 28, New Style], 1904, Novaya Chigla, Russia died Jan. 6, 1990, U.S.S.R.       Soviet physicist who shared the 1958 Nobel Prize for Physics with fellow Soviet scientists Igor …   Universalium

  • Čerenkov radiation — (also spelled Cerenkov or Cherenkov) is electromagnetic radiation emitted when a charged particle (such as an electron) passes through an insulator at a speed greater than the speed of light in that medium. The characteristic blue glow of nuclear …   Wikipedia

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  • Pavel Cherenkov — Born 15 July 1904 (1904 07 15) …   Wikipedia

  • Cherenkov radiation — glowing in the core of the Advanced Test Reactor …   Wikipedia

  • Speed of light — The speed of light in the vacuum of free space is an important physical constant usually denoted by the letter c . [NIST and BIPM practice is to use c 0 for the speed of light in vacuum in accord with international standard ISO 31 5. See… …   Wikipedia

  • Radiación de Cherenkov — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Radiación de Cherenkov en el núcleo de un reactor TRIGA …   Wikipedia Español

  • Cherenkov — /tʃəˈrɛŋkɒf/ (say chuh rengkof) noun Pavel Alekseyevich /pavɛl əlɛkˈseɪjəvɪtʃ/ (say pahvel uhlek sayyuhvich), 1904–90, Russian physicist of the Soviet era; shared Nobel prize for physics (1958) for work on high energy particles. Also, Cerenkov …   Australian English dictionary

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