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  • gay-lussac's — gay lussac s; Gay Lussac s; …   English syllables

  • Gay-Lussac's law — [gā΄lə saks′] n. [after GAY LUSSAC Joseph Louis] 1. the statement that the volumes of two or more gases that combine to give a gaseous product are in the proportion of small whole numbers to each other and to the volume of the product 2. CHARLES… …   English World dictionary

  • Gay-Lussac's law — The expression Gay Lussac s law is used for each of the two relationships named after the French chemist Joseph Louis Gay Lussac and which concern the properties of gases, though it is more usually applied to his law of combining volumes, the… …   Wikipedia

  • Gay-Lussac’s law — Gei Liusako dėsnis statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. Gay Lussac’s law vok. Gay Lussac Gesetz, n; Gay Lussacsches Gesetz, n rus. закон Гей Люссака, m pranc. loi de Gay Lussac, f …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • Gay Lussac's tower — Tower Tow er, n. [OE. tour,tor,tur, F. tour, L. turris; akin to Gr. ?; cf. W. twr a tower, Ir. tor a castle, Gael. torr a tower, castle. Cf. {Tor}, {Turret}.] 1. (Arch.) (a) A mass of building standing alone and insulated, usually higher than its …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Gay Lussac's law — Law Law (l[add]), n. [OE. lawe, laghe, AS. lagu, from the root of E. lie: akin to OS. lag, Icel. l[ o]g, Sw. lag, Dan. lov; cf. L. lex, E. legal. A law is that which is laid, set, or fixed; like statute, fr. L. statuere to make to stand. See… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Gay-Lussac's law — Gay Lus·sac s law (gaґ lu sahksґ) [Joseph Louis Gay Lussac, French naturalist, 1778–1850] see under law …   Medical dictionary

  • Gay-Lussac's law — /ˌgeɪ lusæks ˈlɔ / (say .gay loohsaks law) noun 1. the law which states that when gases combine they do so in a simple ratio by volume to each other and to the gaseous product. 2. → Charles s law. {from Joseph Louis Gay Lussac, 1778–1850, French… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Gay-Lussac's law — Thermodynamics. the principle that, for relatively low pressures, the density of an ideal gas at constant pressure varies inversely with the absolute temperature of the gas. Also called Charles law. Cf. Boyle s law. [named after J. L. GAY LUSSAC] …   Universalium

  • Gay-Lussac's law — [geɪ lu:saks] noun Chemistry a law stating that the volumes of gases undergoing a reaction at constant pressure and temperature are in a simple ratio to each other and to that of the product. Origin C19: named after the French scientist Joseph L …   English new terms dictionary

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